Question: How much is it to rent a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine?

Our prices vary depending on the size of machine you need which is determined by the number of people at your party and the number of hours of your party.  Prices also vary if you want a Single Flavor ice cream machine or Two-Flavor and Twist ice cream machine. Please call and talk to one of our party machine professionals so we can help guide you to the machine we think will be just right for your party.

Question: Are the machines easy to use?

Yes, Very Easy. When you get the machine to wherever you are going to have it during the party you just plug it in, pour in the ready to use ice cream mix that we sell, turn the machine on and that’s it! These machines are VERY expensive, if it was too hard we would not trust the thousands of renters that we have already rented to.

Question: How long does it take to make ice cream?

About 10 – 15 minutes

Question: Can I put the ice cream machine outside?

Yes, as long as you make sure it is in the shade.

Question: Do I need to have someone run the machine throughout the party?

NO WAY! The whole idea of having this machine at your party is to give you a break. Whether you have 50 guests or 300 let the guests pull the handle and get their own ice cream out. Your guests will have FUN making their own Sundae or Cone and you get to ENJOY your party without having to serve all your guests desserts.

Note: We recommend to everyone that rents our ice cream machines to put a table next to our machine and make your own sundae bar – We sell the supplies so you can buy them from us and save time or buy them yourself.

Question: How long will the ice cream last before I have to make another batch?

Answer: There are no real batches, as long as you keep the reservoir (hopper) on the top of the machine filled with mix the machine will constantly make ice cream without stopping. Depending on your size party you might have to fill the machine once or twice after the initial startup.

Question: How will I know when to fill the machine?

Answer: The machine has a mix low light that will come on and remind you to fill it.

Question: What if I don’t have a plug near the machine? Can I use one of my extension cords?

Answer: NO, you CANNOT use one of your extension cords but you can use one of ours. We can loan you AT NO CHARGE, a 50 foot extension cord if you rent one of our 115 V machines or a 100 foot extension cord if you rent one of our 220 V machines. We only want you to use our heavy-duty extension cords because most people will have too thin of extension cords at their house which could damage the machine.

Question: What kind of outlet do I need?

OK, now this is important. If you rent a 115-volt machine you need a 20-amp outlet. It will plug into any of your outlets at your house BUT you have to make sure the Ice Cream Machine is only plugged into one of your 20 amp outlets.  Most houses have about 40 % 20 amp outlets and about 60% 15 amp outlets. These machines pull about 18 amps and HAVE to be on a DEDICATED 20 amp. outlet.

Question: What is a dedicated 115V, 20-amp circuit?

The electricity in your house runs through circuits identified in your breaker box. Each circuit is usually listed by name. For example, you might have a circuit that serves your kitchen, another for the master bedroom and bath, another for the patio. The Ice Cream Machine must be the ONLY thing drawing electricity off the 20 amp. circuit.  If you plug our machine into a 20 amp. patio outlet and then run a warmer or ANY other electrical device, the electricity will get divided between the various appliances and will probably trip your circuit breaker.  

Question: I don’t understand electricity that well, what do I do?

If you do not know how to determine whether or not you have the proper voltage needed, please call us and we will help you. It’s really VERY EASY to determine which plug will work best at your house. All you need is two people, 10 - 15 minutes and a radio. You need to figure out which outlet you can use at least a few days BEFORE your party. I’m sure your house has the necessary electrical requirements needed but it might take a little time to find the outlet that will be adequate for the ice cream machine. Please call us if you have any questions regarding any electrical concerns.

Question: Do I have to clean the machine?

Answer: All the renter needs to do is run warm fresh water through the machine at the end of the party until the water coming out of the spigot is clear and wipe the machine down with a damp cloth. The machine should be returned looking as clean as when you got it without taking it apart. When we get the machine back we have to take it apart, thoroughly clean and sanitize it before it can go out again.